Family Promise

What is Family Promise?

Family Promise helps homeless families with children achieve lasting independence by providing shelter, meals and programs designed to redress the underlying causes of homelessness. Congregations throughout Wichita host the families, one week at a time, four times a year.

The mission of Family Promise of Greater Wichita is to empower families with children to overcome homelessness and housing insecurity through a holistic approach, community involvement, and sustainable solutions.

Transforming the lives of families experiencing homelessness.
Because every child deserves a home.

Volunteer Training for Family Promise

  • Volunteer training is required for all volunteers who interact with the families - dinner hosts, overnight hosts & drivers.
    • It's our way to be prepared and to help these families get on their own feet.
  • Training is now Online ONLY!! At home and at your convenience!!
    • Use the buttons below to complete the training. It's easy, informative & takes about 2 hours total (but it doesn't need to be all at one time).
  • Complete your training from February 19-March 4 and receive a little thank you gift
    • We value training at West Ridge and we value the work Family Promise is doing to help families stay together and thrive together. 

How can I get involved?

Food/Supply Donations 

Donate food and supplies for the families during our host week.

Family Promise Host Week Sign Up

Give $$

Drive our guests to and from WRCC.
Prepare & serve dinner to our guests.
Spend the night at WRCC.
Help reset WRCC or do some laundry.
If you can't come to volunteer, consider giving to help these families get on their feet. 

Have Questions? 

Contact Ashley Goldak, WRCC Family Promise Coordinator